This story is part of a weekly series that celebrates outstanding teachers in our Flipgrid community. Stories by Angela Tewalt.

We’re all a little tired right now.  

In education and everywhere, we’re pushing ourselves perhaps more than we ever have before. Maybe we’re overwhelmed or anxious. Maybe it’s too lonely or too loud. Maybe we’re all longing for the same thing. Yet, just when we think we’ve reached our limit, we wake up and surprise ourselves once more.  

This is turning into a cyclical event – seeking answers and striving still – but it’s because we’re resilient. We’ll continue to be tomorrow, too.  

For Yaritza Villalba, a young and ebullient high school teacher in Brooklyn, New York, bravery is on her side. Just like the rest of us, she longs for honest answers and clarity as an unknown school year looms, but her seeking is not without strength.  

Yaritza is not only courageous for herself, she is a tireless lion for all of us. She fights beautifully for the answers we seek – boldly encouraging teachers to stand up and innovate with what they do know – and then, when another day passes wearily, she remembers just who she is fighting for, and it’s enough.  

“I would hate for a kid’s memory of me to be that teacher who gave up on them,” says Yaritza, who’s been teaching history for 10 years. “If I give up, I’m telling my students that it was impossible to learn. But we are educators, it is our job is to ensure that kids learn, regardless of what is going on around us. I think this is so much bigger than us, and, for me, I will always put the kids first.  

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Shout-outs and Patience

Right now, Yaritza is teaching summer school online to nearly 300 students across nine different classes. She won’t get a chance to meet all these kids in person – playing music to keep morale high, showing off new sneakers or dressing up in costume to complete an assignment – but she’s thinking of each of them and their families more than they know, and she finds new ways to engage anyway. 

老王v p n

“Kids are more likely to do work with someone they know, so I create opportunities for students to connect with me on Flipgrid, and then I get to see faces I’ve never seen before,” says Yaritza, who also created a help center for her students to reach out privately anytime. “And even if that’s my first and last video from that student, I still feel like I made that connection, so I’ll be sure in my next video to shout out that student to say, ‘I’ve seen you, and I can’t wait to see what you built.’ 

image0 (3).jpeg

“I just always want to encourage the kids. In my videos, I will say, ‘I know this is difficult,’ but then I always follow that up with, ‘Reach out to me. I’m always going to be here to help. I care about you. I want you to succeed, and I want you to learn.’ But I also want them to push themselves, because this is the part of life that shows you there’s nothing easy.” 

She’s pushing her fellow teachers just the same. On difficult days, she advocates for building a roadmap that includes opportunities to “take a break, relax, learn and breathe.” She herself strives for endurance – “me and patience are like water and oil!” – and, in any classroom across the world, she asks for empathy with an anthem in her voice perhaps we all need to hear.

“I believe that we become educators because someone once shined the light on the profession for us,” Yaritza says. “Someone showed us that this is not only attainable, but that we can change lives. I know teachers are feeling defeated right now, but it’s important to remember that we were all students at one point, too. We were that eight-year-old who just wanted a teacher to acknowledge us in the classroom, share lunch with us or rub our backs when we were taking a nap in kindergarten. Our students still need that attention today, and they need it more than ever.  

“I’m doing this for the younger version of myself and every other kid out there who’s like me. I won’t be able to rub their back right now, but I am going to let them know every day that we are going to be ok. I can tell you that.” 

Follow Yaritza on Twitter. 




As part of Educator Innovation Week, we welcome a guest post from Atlanta educator Martha Bongiorno. Martha is a middle school librarian who offers incredible SEL (Social Emotional Learning) resources, activities and book recommendations through her website, Discovering the Remarkable. [1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - Mod发布 ...:2021-5-16 · [1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - 本帖最后由 afkavril 于 2021-5-16 13:45 编辑 Waila(What Am I Looking At)我看什么呢?这个模组是用来显示物品的信息如图从这俩张图可伍看出来当你的鼠标指向该物 ...YouTube page老王加速器app官方最新版下载:2021-5-22 · 老王加速器,老王加速器IOS,老王加速器苹果版,老王加速器安卓版下载 Efs1薇薇nicol527980 游戏各方面还算成熟,不要把战力提太快就好👋


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In the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) Roadmap for Reopening Schools, relationships and meaningful connections should be at the core of embedding social emotional learning into your school culture. Flipgrid is a powerful tool in our educator toolbelt as we prepare opportunities for meaningful connections and amplifying student voice, whether your school is back in-person or continues with virtual learning.

The following are the top five ways to use Flipgrid for meaningful connections. Click on each headline for a link to a launch-ready Topic in the Discovery Library!


Checking in with your students builds trust and rapport not only with you as their teacher but with each other as well. Using check-in Topics with your students helps to ensure they are heard, valued, and connected.

Example questions:

  • What do you miss from being at school?

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  • What is driving you crazy?

  • [1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - Mod发布 ...:2021-5-16 · [1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - 本帖最后由 afkavril 于 2021-5-16 13:45 编辑 Waila(What Am I Looking At)我看什么呢?这个模组是用来显示物品的信息如图从这俩张图可伍看出来当你的鼠标指向该物 ...

Launch this Topic with your learning community!

2. Send Positive Vibes 🌈

Whether you are virtual or in-person, I think we can all agree there is no “normal” right now. Using Flipgrid to share positive vibes can help design Topics for healing as well as building rapport.

Example topics:

  • Send a shoutout to a classmate.

  • Share how someone helped you today or how you helped someone else.

  • What is something you do that makes you happy?

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Launch this Topic with your learning community!

3. Stress Relief

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  • Play a game like charades: A student acts out a movie or object in the video and others respond to guess.

  • Record yoga videos: Post a walkthrough of how to do a pose and students post a video of them practicing.

  • Share a tutorial of a MakerSpace/STEM project and have students record themselves doing it at home.

Launch this Topic with your learning community!

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Human connection lowers anxiety and depression, helps build empathy, and aids in self-esteem. It should be, and is, an essential component of education – just ask Vygotsky.

Example topics:

  • Post introduction videos: Ask students to show three things they would take to Mars.

  • Participate in show-and-tell with your littlest learners.

  • Post icebreaker questions: If you were a famous baseball player, what would be your “to bat” song?

  • Host a talent show or “open mic” week: Encourage a theme, like Broadway or superhero.

Launch this Topic with your learning community!

5. Self-Reflection 💭

Offering Topics that allow for self-reflection help our students (and educators) learn an awareness about their emotions, thoughts, behaviors, goals, strengths, challenges, biases, mindsets, and more. All these layers impact our behavior and choices. Let’s offer students a safe space to explore and learn about themselves.

Example topics:

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  • Use 3-2-1 Reflections (3 things you learned, 2 interesting things, 1 question).

  • If you participate in a virtual field trip or connect with your GridPals, have students reflect on their experiences.

Launch this Topic with your learning community!

For more information on social-emotional learning, please visit the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, Social, and Emotional Learning. For more resources from Martha on social-emotional learning in schools, specifically in the school library, visit her 老王 v p v官网, her podcast episode on Social Emotional Learning: the New Literacy, and follow Martha on Twitter.

Angela Tewalt


We took the brand new Flipgrid Camera your students love and created a unique experience designed just for educators. You can create enriching and compelling video stories for school, work, and life to share beyond the Grid! Shorts is the perfect way to introduce yourself to new students, summarize a class project for families, or simply tell your story to the community.

Read More
Product Updates, Features


Hello, Flipgrid Family! 🌈 We have many exciting updates we’re bringing to you in August. Educator Innovation Week is coming soon, the all-new Flipgrid begins rolling out August 5, and we have even more updates and surprises in store…

Educator Innovation Week July14 v2 GIF.gif

It’s a Weeklong Celebration of YOU!

Join us August 3-7 as we host daily panel discussions with educators from around the world to discuss meaningful topics, like social emotional learning, community and diversity and inclusion. Click here for a complete schedule of events as well as a list of participating educator panelists, and follow along all week on Twitter and Instagram.


What Are Your Best Remote Learning Ideas?

As many begin or continue Remote Learning, we reached out to educators to help us curate the Top 5 Topic tips for using Flipgrid as part of your online classroom. Check out these brilliant community ideas organized across learning domains: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Post Secondary, and Coaching!

[1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - Mod发布 ...:2021-5-16 · [1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - 本帖最后由 afkavril 于 2021-5-16 13:45 编辑 Waila(What Am I Looking At)我看什么呢?这个模组是用来显示物品的信息如图从这俩张图可伍看出来当你的鼠标指向该物 ...

Last month, we announced an all-new Flipgrid! Beginning August 5, educators will begin to see fantastic updates inspired by you, including new frames and fonts for the camera, stand-alone Topics, Collections and partner pages in our updated Discovery Library and more.

In the meantime, check out our complete list of updates here and tune in to the recording of our FlipgridLIVE broadcast anytime!

MicrosoftTeams-image (9).png

Visit our Discovery Library! 🔎

Not only will we have Partner Pages to view this fall, we also have incredible new COLLECTIONS to share as many of our educators begin a new school year! (Click on the tiles to view each group.)

Revisit the Discovery Library in September for new Collections on Social Emotional Learning and Flipgrid On Demand PD and the ability to create 旋风加速器collections!

老王v p n

All month long, join our Ed Leads Jornea, Jess and Ann for live professional development sessions. The trio will cover how to get started with Flipgrid and answer your questions! View upcoming sessions to add to your calendar!

Lastly, in September, we’re planning virtual field trips! We look forward to “visiting” you and your learners soon, and, until then, we can’t wait to celebrate you during Educator Innovation Week!

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Angela Tewalt


十字军之王2版本大全_王国风云2版本合集 - paopaoche.net:2021-8-21 · 十字军之王2全版本合集下载,跑跑车游戏网为玩家伊提供十字军之王2全版本、王国风云2全版本、十字军之王2系列、王国风云2系列下载,喜欢的玩家伊可不要错过!

We asked several educator friends, each for a specific age group, for their Top Five most-used distance learning tips to share with you. When applicable, each idea links to an existing Topic in our Discovery Library.

Share your ideas with us, too, by adding your own Topic to the Discovery Library or sharing on social using #FlipgridForAll. And, thank you to each of these educators for participating!



Ideas submitted by Joe + Kristin Merrill, teaching authors in Florida, USA

  1. Two Truths and a Lie: This activity is great for getting to know students on the first day of school. Whether in person or learning from home, students share statements about themselves for the class to respond to and state guess which statement is not true.

  2. All About Me: Get students comfortable with all the fun and engaging tools in the Flipgrid platform by creating an All About Me video introduction! They can explore emojis, stickers and fonts to surround themselves with fun facts about who they are.

  3. 老王2.2.11下载安卓版 Introduce teachers and staff to the community through virtual introductions. You can even embed this into your school webpage or share the secure link with families via email. 

  4. Virtual Playground: Students at home for distance learning? No worries! They can still share their fun stories and ideas during “recess” through a simple Flipgrid Topic. Give students a space to share random and fun (non academic!) things with one another. 15分钟连出2把无级别,老王:直接提路虎!_梦幻西游 ...:2021-6-14 · 11级小号,15分钟连炸2把无级别,老王大呼:准备去路虎4S店吧! 这位老板为了最后一次鉴定军火,准备了两个11 级小号,就是为了出无级别或者出千伤专用!一个是龙太子角色,另一个是剑侠客角色! 而龙太子这个角色,武器和神兵图鉴,一共 ...

  5. Sticker Manipulatives: Using emojis or stickers, try stacking multiple on your recording screen ahead of your Shorts teaching video to create quick and engaging visuals for various math lessons. Check out this example!

Middle School

Ideas submitted by Karalee Nakatsuka, a history teacher in California, USA

  1. Mindfulness: As your learning community sets goals for the year, have students reflect on them. Share last year’s student reflections with this year’s students. Use the videos to help inform this year’s students what their year might look like. This helps them anticipate what they’ll need to enjoy the year and be successful. This can help empower students with mindfulness and reflective practices.

  2. 老王vpm2.2.11下载安卓版 Start the school year with introductions of each student and staff, and introduce your workspace, too.

  3. Advisories: Educators meet the needs of middle school students with advisories to build a sense of community and to ensure success academically and socially. Educators can leverage Flipgrid to check in with students on their progress, give feedback and suggestions for improvement and celebrate achievements. 

  4. Literature Circles and Book Reviews: As students read and reflect on a piece of literature or engage in community discussions, provide opportunities for them to share their own book recommendations as well as watch their classmates' book reviews. Tip! Extend the discussion by enabling Student-to-Student Replies on the Topic!

  5. Lab Stations: Lab stations are inquiry-based, student-centered lessons to explore and learn new concepts. Lab stations with Flipgrid allow the educator to “clone” themselves or provide videos and resources to explore prior to direct instruction.

  6. 安卓老王VP* V2.2.11 最新去广告绿色版下载 - Tony's Blog:2021-4-18 · 安卓老王VP*,应用介绍;你好我是老王谁愿意帮助大家进入被封锁的网站世界。有很多人上班或上学的国家,大量的块为他伊的人的网站。所伍我开发这个程序,谁愿意在任何地方访问被封锁的网站帮助的人。我买最好的服务器给大家。最重要的事是100%免费。最后,请不要使用这个APP做任何违法的 …The loneliest place is a classroom with a closed door, right? But if we choose to collaborate and see collaboration not as something that is fearful or taking away our agency but as something that is additive, then that’s awesome! Ask questions, share resources and find new ways to evolve.

High School

Ideas submitted by Yaritza Villalba, a history teacher in New York, USA

  1. Help Center: Create a private place for students to pose questions, how-to videos, comments, and supportive feedback.

  2. 老王永久佛系Flipgrid is a wonderful collaborative tool where students can give actionable feedback to one another through the use of videos or text with the Blackboard/Whiteboard Feature. 

  3. Promote SEL: Create activities that promote a sense of 老王2.2.11最新版, like videos asking students to think of their strengths and how those strengths can be used to support the virtual classroom environment. 

  4. Enhance Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Give students the opportunity to integrate other applications they may have grown accustomed to using, like TikTok, Google Slides or Adobe Spark, to create content-based projects and videos that can be shared with parents. 

  5. Connect with Parents: Use Flipgrid as a parent engagement tool by introducing families to the similarities in techniques used every day (like taking photos, creating videos or texting) with techniques their child needs to know for virtual learning and the 21st century workforce. Get creative with uploading videos and documents, using the Blackboard feature when you are feeling shy or AppSmash and integrate other platforms with Flipgrid.

Higher Ed

Ideas submitted by Ramesh Laungani, a biology professor in Nebraska, USA

  1. 老王app下载2.2.8 Create video summaries that highlight data, allow students to submit an elevator pitch for a research project, or introduce an area of research they will be focusing on.

  2. 旋风加速器 Host practice runs for both graduate school or workforce interviews.

  3. Office Hours: Create a Flipgrid Topic where you host virtual Office Hours. This is where students can connect privately or reach out with questions. Tip: Turn ON Notifications so you can provide a timely response and use Video Moderation to keep student videos confidential.

  4. Mixtapes: Assess or document growth over time by curating a Mixtape through Flipgrid on a specific content area or unit of study. Learn more about Mixtapes here!

  5. Extend Lectures: Offer materials, supports, or additional resources so students can further interpret data or revisit lecture content.

  6. Bonus! 24 Ideas in 24 Hours


  1. Teacher-to-Teacher Support and Feedback: Create a moderated Group so teachers can screen-share for technical assistance, ask for instructional tech support and receive feedback in a safe space. Submitted by Knikole Taylor老王加速器下载官网老王app下载2.2.8.

  2. Shorts and Screen Recording: Record a lesson, a quick note or an inspiring video on Flipgrid Shorts. Or, use screen recording to record your students’ thought processes while they are completing an assignment. Let them walk you through their learning! And, lastly, create a moderated Topic for students to share personal matters that is not content-related. Let your students share their silly and what they like to do! Submitted by Manny Curiel.

  3. Virtual Comment Cards: We use Flipgrid for virtual comment cards. If a student wants or needs to talk, they can post a video response sharing their comments on a Topic that is moderated by the teacher. The teacher can follow up with the student. The students are able to have a personal conversation with their teacher, remotely. Talk about keeping the bond connected! It works beautifully. Submitted by Nyree Clark.

  4. Staff and Community Connections: During our first go-around with emergency remote learning, we used Flipgrid as a space to build community, share ideas and let others know they can lean on me and each other. In a Grid called Wins, Fails, and Blazing Trails, we celebrated each others’ big and small wins, we shared challenges and encouraged each other when things did not go as planned, and we shared the goals we were working toward and the new risks we were taking to grow as professionals. Submitted by Michael Drezek.

  5. Reflections and Goal Setting for Students: Help your educator community utilize Flipgrid for student reflection and goal setting. Video responses can easily be shared with families, used during virtual conferences, or provide a space for students to share their successes and areas they wish to grow. Explore this Wakelet Collection with ideas from the #FlipgridForAll community for more ideas!

Angela Tewalt


School librarian in Georgia uses Flipgrid for classroom projects that span worldwide


In a bustling school library in Athens, Georgia, teacher Andy Plemmons watches warmly as a student picks up a book from the shelf.  

[1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - Mod发布 ...:2021-5-16 · [1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - 本帖最后由 afkavril 于 2021-5-16 13:45 编辑 Waila(What Am I Looking At)我看什么呢?这个模组是用来显示物品的信息如图从这俩张图可伍看出来当你的鼠标指向该物 ...

[1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - Mod发布 ...:2021-5-16 · [1.11.2-1.5.2][Waila——我看什么呢][永更] - 本帖最后由 afkavril 于 2021-5-16 13:45 编辑 Waila(What Am I Looking At)我看什么呢?这个模组是用来显示物品的信息如图从这俩张图可伍看出来当你的鼠标指向该物 ...

It was enough. The student raises her eyes, exhales, checks out the book and leaves the library, already eager to prepare her own testimony of said book when she finishes no less than two nights from now.  

And Andy saw it coming all along.  

Embracing Innovative Learning 

Andy Plemmons has been in education for nearly 20 years. He’s a teacher in a library, yes — arriving daily to a room filled with used pages and low tables and squeaky chairs, maybe a cozy corner or two. But the learning thrives because of how he chooses to offer that space — not merely awaiting a book assignment, but showing students the many alternative ways to engage in their own learning.  

“Early on, I adopted this motto of ‘Expecting the miraculous’ — leaping into things knowing that it may not go exactly the way you plan them, but if you look closely, even in the chaos there are miracles happening around you,” says Andy, who was one of the first to discover Flipgrid over five years ago.

With that optimism at the helm, he embraces technology, collaborative conversation and experimentation in his classroom, and he trusts that new learning platforms aren’t meant to overwhelm his students, but to remind them of their capabilities. Allowing the students to create book reviews on Flipgrid is an example of this endeavor.

“A lot of times, you read a book and return it to the library, but you don’t get to know much about who else is reading that book or what they thought about it,” he says. “So a group of students worked with me last year to create Flipgrid topics for different books — we put a QR code inside each book, so when somebody checks out the book, they can scan the QR code to hear from a fellow student what the book is about and what the previous reader thought about it! It’s been amazing.” 


About the Barrow Peace Prize   

Instead of coming to any new social platform as an inferior — questioning whether his students will like it, if it’s applicable to his curriculum or whether he even knows how to use it — Andy sees mediums like Flipgrid as a limitless tool to help unlock the possibility he’s seen in students all along.  

barrow peace prize (6).jpg

He doesn’t hesitate when he wonders if Flipgrid could help with this or inform that, he just goes for it, and the Barrow Peace Prize is proof of this appetite.  

老王v p n is a months-long project that our second-graders work on every year,” Andy says. “Each student researches one of four people from black history and then gathers facts through research session in the libraries, online or reading books. They then use those facts to write a persuasive essay, which asks people to vote for their person to win the Barrow Peace Prize.”  

老王 v p v官网

It started small, like any project in an elementary classroom, where teachers wanted second-grade students to research a person from history. The project was connected to Black History Month, and there was an assembly at the end, too. But soon, teachers wanted to create an award to go along with it, so the Barrow Peace Prize is now given to a person of history based on presentations given by each of these second-graders. 

“And the kids come to Flipgrid to share all of this work,” Andy says. “They record their essay on video, they share artwork using Flipgrid’s sticker component, and I create a Smore page to share of their videos and allow people to vote. Then we start sharing it. A lot.” 

Andy says teachers send it out to all of the families through Class Dojo, and he shares the contest on his own blog, 老王加速器下载官网, as well as social media. Voting stays open for a couple weeks, and it all culminates with an awards ceremony.  

“During the ceremony, we first talk about the importance of student voice,” Andy says. “Then, the Flipgrid team announces over Skype who won the Barrow Peace Prize.”  

Andy says every student who researched the winning person of history gets a medal, too.  

“By the time we get to this big award ceremony, yes, the kids want their person to win, but it’s such a collaborative project that the winner doesn’t even matter. They’ve had such a great time with the project and love seeing how their voices have spread across the world.” 

In any library in any school across the world, students expect to find books that spark imagination. They expect stories, a place to retreat, some quiet maybe, too, but Andy has made his library a place of connection and possibility. From book reviews to a makers space to elementary-grade contests that reach far corners of the world, the library is just the beginning.

“Students simply like knowing they’re being heard and that their voice has a positive influence on somebody else,” says Andy. “Flipgrid has been such a great champion of the work these kids are doing.” 

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Angela Tewalt